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Hi and welcome to All Fantasy Worlds!

I’m Oana [pronounced: wah-nah] and I’m from Romania (now you have an explanation for my strange name). I’m 25 and I enjoy reading all genres. I’d never say “no” to a book that looks promising.
I’ve got a BA and an MA in Comparative Literature, and I intend to study literature all my life one way or another.

My blog focuses on Fantasy and YA because this kind of light, relaxing reads help me take my mind off things. But you’ll probably find other genres as well (Contemporary, Classic, Sci-Fi, Horror, Mystery/Suspense), as I never hesitate when it comes to recommending amazing books. My reviews are honest and highly subjective, reflecting exactly what I think about a book at the moment I finish it. It did happen to me to change my mind the second time I read something, so I strongly believe it all depends on how a book makes you feel and the messages you’re open to at a certain moment. In my opinion, a great book will tell you a different story every time you re-read it.

I really like meeting new book-addicts, so if you want to send me a message, here’s my e-mail: oana.matei18@gmail.com

For authors who want to send review requests: please read the Review Policy.

You can also send requests for Book Spotlights, Guest Posts and Cover Reveals. Just send me an e-mail telling me how I can help you promote your book and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

I’m Mădălina (in case you found Oana’s name to be strange), a twenty-year-old college student majoring in English (Literature and Language) with a minor in French. As I often say, I am a book-junkie – reading is an important part of my life – and, of course, I love talking about books.

Some of my favorite genres are historical fiction, fantasy, thriller/suspense, noir literature, and I’d read about anything that has to do with the Renaissance.

Apart from reading, writing is also one of my passions. Hopefully, one day I will come up with a plan for a book and put something serious on paper, until then I’m writing pieces of poetry and short stories.

One of my biggest dreams is to travel the world, to see as many countries as possible, and to learn as much as I can about other people and their culture. You are probably familiar with the following quote by Saint Augustine: “The world is a book and if you do not travel you read only one page.” Hopefully, I will get “to read thousands of pages” in the years to come.

You can also find me on Goodreads and on my other blog, Life Mosaïque.

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