Rating System


This is a book that I will gladly recommend to everyone else. The plot was well-thought, the action was engaging (probably kept me on the edge of my seat) and I loved the characters (a huge plus if I find a realistic, truly challenging villain). The writing was close to impeccable; there might have been some minor grammar/ spelling mistakes, but nothing to pull me out of the book. And the most important thing: I wanted to read about the characters because I cared about them.



A good, light, entertaining read that kept me interested from beginning to end. I liked the plot and the characters. Usually, I give a book 4 compasses when I feel like something is missing. It might be because of a rushed ending, a cliché that wasn’t twisted to the book’s advantage, an unrealistic villain… But, overall, it was a nice read and I’d recommend it.



This is a good book that has a lot of potential. Great characters, interesting plot… basically, it has everything it needs and my rating only has something to do with one of these aspects: pacing (the action might’ve dragged), grammar/ spelling (might’ve been so bad that I could hardly enjoy anything else the book had to offer), writing (unrealistic dialogue, show vs. tell). With a bit of work, this book can become a 4-compasses and even 5-compasses book.



I rarely review books that get 2 compasses, mostly because I hardly ever finish them. I might read half of a book, realize it doesn’t say anything to me and move on to the next. At the same time, I’m aware that other readers might enjoy it. So, if I give a book 2 compasses, it’s just me… there was something I didn’t agree with (an idea, a character’s action) or it didn’t pull me in. But you might love it.



I won’t review this book because I couldn’t finish it. I couldn’t even get through the first half of it and I don’t intend to ever try again.